Braids Master Class

The master braids class was taught by Corinna Hernandez, owner of Pony Education and Sabrina Michals owner of Bowry. This class was originally written by Sabrina Michals for Bumble and Bumble. I have been wanting to take this class for the last two years and flying to New York has not worked out with timing. Although I love it there and can't wait to go back and visit. When I saw the class was going to be taught in Sacramento, I knew I had to attend. We started with Corinna and Sabrina showing us looks on four different models. There were so many awesome looks that I can't wait to try on my clients. Our models were provided and our task was to do one look that they taught us as well as choosing a look of our own. Being the very indecisive person I am, I had so many ideas and things I wanted to try. One of the braids I tried was the infinity on the scalp braid that I probably took out and redid about 10 times. It was so hard! I will have to keep practicing it until I'm good at it. I am pretty comfortable doing french braids and dutch braids and I also learned a couple new tricks on how to connect them as well as my positioning.

The look I ended up doing on my model was two laced crown braids. The only product used in her hair were the Bumble and Bumble Tonic and a little Thickening Spray. I loved the highlights she has in her hair and this style was perfect for the color to peek through. I loved that this look can be wrapped all the way around the head doing one braid and it is easily customized for each person. This look is perfect for when your hair is dirty and you need a quick style.

Our swag bags were filled with some Cult + King product. I can't wait to try them and the cutest Bag I plan on using for hiking.

Overall, I was really happy I was able to take this class and recommend it to anybody if they have the chance. I can't wait to try all the new tricks I learned! I hope all of my clients will let me style them out with some fun braids.

Lancôme Skincare Review


I received these amazing complimentary products to test out from Influenster. I have been adding them into my skincare routine for the past two weeks and have to say, I'm really happy with three of the four products.

Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum
I have actually used this product a few years ago while working at Laura Mercier as the Lancôme counter was right across from Laura. I didn't really need it back then as my skin was at it's best and it didn't seem to make a difference. Fast forward 5 years later and my skin is completely different. Dull skin and uneven texture that I have been working hard to improve. The serum helped my skin feel super soft again and seems to make my skin look brighter with nothing on. I like that it doesn't feel greasy or sticky, and doesn't ball up with product on top. This is one I will definetely purchase when I run out.

Renergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Firming and Dark Spot Correcting Moisturizer
Unfortunately, this was the only product I didn't really care for. On it's own, it performed pretty well. Though, on top of the Génifique, it wasn't enough moisture and my dry spots were more pronounced. Even when wearing primer and foundation on top. Although the product is oil-free, I felt like a glazed donut in just a couple of hours. I couldn't use foundation or primer because everything pilled on top. As for dark spots, I don't have many so I can't speak on how well it would work for that.

SKIN FEELS GOOD Skin Nourishing Foundation
This will definitely be my summertime day-off foundation. It is really lightweight and has enough coverage without getting greasy. It has Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture and SPF 23 to protect against the sun. I apply it with my fingers, pressing into my skin, then bouncing a beauty blender all over. The color I use is 01N Nude Vanilla. Though when I get more sun, I will probably have to get a darker shade. It gave me a subtle glow but somehow it was still matte enough for my nose and forehead. The reason I will only be using it on days off is because I prefer full coverage at work. I do still think it is a great product and perfect for someone who wants light coverage and natural looking skin.

                                  Wearing Génefique serum                                    Skin feels good foundation                               Cils booster primer and mascara                                           Prismatic Gloss                                        Glossier Boy brow

                                  Wearing Génefique serum

                                  Skin feels good foundation

                             Cils booster primer and mascara

                                         Prismatic Gloss

                                      Glossier Boy brow

Prismatic Lip Gloss in Bare Glow  
This is a limited edition lip gloss, it gives such great shine but isn't sticky enough for your hair to get caught. I have to admit I've kept this in my purse and have been using it alone and also adding it on top of my favorite lip stains. It has a tingly sensation but not too overpowering.

I cannot wait see what other good changes happen to my skin with the Génefique. I'm glad I didn't have to look too hard for a new foundation for summer, especially for those days I don't feel like wearing heavy makeup. Thank you Lancôme and Influenster for the generous gift of product!

Urban Decay Festival Eyes

Festival Season is upon us and I was blown away watching footage of Coachella Weekend one. Shout out to Youtube for streaming a bunch of the performers! My favorites were Kali Uchis, Cardi B, Miguel, Eminem and let me just say I am not Beyonce's biggest fan but that performance was killer! I love seeing all the outfits and of course all the fun makeup. I love a look with a little pop of color and something that will last all day in the desert heat. For this look I wanted something fun without too many things attached to my face. I have no clue how some women cover their faces with rhinestones all day. If that was me, I would have forgotten about them about an hour into the festival and probably would have scratched them off!

Heart teardrop
blue halo eyeshadow
blue eyeshadow

This look was created using mostly Urban Decay products. My holy grail primer is Urban Decay prime potion, it is the only one that stays all day and doesn't crease. The crease and underneath the eyes is the Kat Von D Rust Quad. In the color Contour blended from the outer corner into the crease and up. using a smaller fluffy brush I used Define from the same palette and concentrated on the crease to give the eyes definition. I applied a Sephora concealer to the whole lid in a lighter color to give my eyes a nice light base. In the outer corner I created a sandwich with the Urban Decay color Narcotic. The color in the middle of the lid is UD XX Vintage eyeshadow in Vapor. Lashes are Elegant Lashes in Wispies. Eyeliner and Chola heart teardrop was made using the Urban decay Razor sharp waterproof liquid eyeliner in Perversion. The eyebrows were kept simple by just defining the bottom with UD brow box in Brown Sugar. Last but not least, I finished off the look with Cannon Waterproof mascara. This look will stay all day! You can dance and sweat, day and night while still looking bomb!

Half Up Half Down Braids


This look was inspired by Jamie at DeSo hair bar in Atlanta. I first saw her picture on Instagram on the @lalatheislandgal page. I loved the simplicity and how you can either dress this look up or down.

My beautiful model Isabella has the most gorgeous natural color with a little bit of grey and the braids helped show it off. I cannot take credit for her bomb copper eyes, those were done by her. The photos were taken by the talented Ceara Kennedy Watrous (@c.kennedy).

This look was Created using Bumble and Bumble Anti-humidity Gel-Oil. The product holds like a gel and hydrates like an oil. I like that it holds all the baby hairs in place without causing any flaking or dryness. I applied about a quarter size to each side after parting the hair down the middle. I like to add a little extra to the nape once I get down there because most people have shorter hairs there as well. I created a dutch braid on each side and go past the nape to have some room to put in the elastic without losing the shape. The ends have Bumble and Bumble Does It All applied right before curling. The curls were created using a 1 inch GHD Curling Iron. After curling the ends, I grab a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic band, placing a bobby pin to keep it secure. One last spritz of hairspray is applied on the ends for that extra hold and she is ready! I can see this style being perfect for those hot summer days and when you can't stand to wear your hair down. If you try this look at home, I'd love to see + hear about your experience!

half up half down braids

New Orleans Travel Diaries


New Orleans has been at the top of my travel list for years now! With Bayou St Blonde happening for the second year in a row, I knew this would be the best time to go. Bayou St Blonde is a class/conference put on by The Left Brain Group. It is a two-day private event for salon owners and stylists all over the States. The owner picks beautiful locations all over New Orleans and invites stylists to teach cut, color, styling and more.

When i think about New Orleans the first thing that came to mind was all the amazing seafood. I have an amazing client who shared with me a bunch of her favorite places to eat and visit. Shout out to Kat for having such great picks! Not just a tourist, but lots of hole-in-the-wall places.

Day 1 Deanies Seafood was our first stop in the French Quarter. Giant Soft shell crabs and deep fried shrimp. Oh my! I will most definetely come back here again. Now, I had to make a stop at the famous Carousel Bar at Hotel Montelion. This bar was featured in Girl's trip and another reason I wanted to visit. It actually moves like a real carousel and pretty funny if you have a chair and one of your friends doesn't because then they have to walk along with you as the bar moves. I'm still not sure how the bartenders dont get dizzy as they work. The French Quarter isn't so big, so you really can walk all over the whole time. Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo was probably one of the creepiest places I went to, but was also cool to experience. I walked in with the intention of buying a Voodoo Doll or charms, but chickened out because of my catholic guilt. We ended our night getting some of Cafe Du Monde's famed beignets. Be sure to grab a chicory coffee and your own personal order of beignets because they are simply amazing.

Day 3 The second day of class was at The Chicory, which is an event venue and I was ecstatic i could walk to there, just 4 blocks away from my hotel. This place felt a little more dark and romantic and also would be a beautiful wedding venue. For lunch we dropped by the fairly new Auction House Market, there are 6 different places to choose from inside. If the interior of my home could look like the inside of this building, I would be the happiest girl in the world. I'm still trying to convince my husband to have lipstick wallpaper just like they had in their restrooms. The grand finale of the class was at Marigny Opera House. It might look familiar to some people since Solange got married here. I believe it was once some sort of church. The beautiful high ceilings made it feel so grand.

Day 4 Daylight Savings happened to be this week and we kept trying to figure out how much time we lost since we were two hours ahead but then time went back an hour. The time change really messed with me and I was up at 7am, ready to take on the day. For brunch, we went to Two Chicks Cafe and had the most delicious french toast and shrimp po' boy. Our next stop was getting creepy visiting the Garden District. I had to stop by the Buckner Mansion. American Horror Story Coven, which happens to be my favorite season in the series, was filmed in this beautiful Mansion. Just a couple blocks over is the famous Anne Rice house where she grew up and wrote The Vampire Chronicles saga. The house is actually said to be haunted and judging by the goosebumps it gave me, I believe it. We walked and shopped on Magazine St. until it was time for us to go to the Pelicans vs Hornets game. Smoothie King Center is where they play and I was hoping to see former Kings player Demarcus Cousins but he's out for the season.


Day 2 Our first day of class was at The Pavillion Of The Two Sisters in a room with huge windows overlooking the gardens and fountains. This place is so beautiful and I would seriously consider getting married here if I lived in New Orleans. Our next destination was the New Orleans Jazz Market which has a bar and great acoustics. I don't think there is a single bad seat in the place. The Jazz Market is my favorite stop from our first day in class and we got a special treat of Burlesque to finish the day. There was one woman in particular, who danced to Electric Chapel by Lady Gaga which knocked my socks off and I have the craziest video that you will just have to see in person. For Dinner, I had even more amazing food at Felix Oyster Bar. I recommend the seafood gumbo and oysters. Bakery Bar happened to be a couple blocks from our hotel and was the perfect spot for a late night dessert. The Irish Creme Rainbow Cake absolutely hit the spot.


Day 5 Our last day in New Orleans, we spent the morning at the WW2 museum. It takes about 3-4 hours to get through the whole place and is broken up into 5 buildings. They have the dog tag experience with every entry. The dog tag gives you details about a person who lived through World War II and you follow along with their story. It felt so real to see exactly what my person went through with the audio and video. At the end of the tour, they email you their story so you can always have it. In the last building, the Boeing Center, you see a bunch of the planes they actually used. The top floor was probably the scariest thing I've ever walked across and I'm surprised I didn't have a panic attack up there.

Our trip came to an end and I cannot wait to go back! There are so many things O still have on my to do list. This city is so beautiful and the southern hospitality was so real. I look forward to returning next year. Does New Orleans sound like a place you would want to visit?


Glossier at Rhea's Cafe


I've been dying to try Glossier's line in person and play with their products. With Glossier having such a cult-like following and when they opened their pop-up shop so close to Sacramento, I knew I needed to check it out. They took over Rhea's Cafe on 2200 Bryant St in San Francisco, CA. The pop-up shop will be open from March 14th - April 15th from 11am to 8pm daily. Since they are primarily an online shop, it is pretty great that they opened this up for people to test out their products. Fun fact: the cafe they took over is known for having one of the best Korean steak sandwiches in SF.

The cafe was transformed with Glossier's signature Millenial pink and fresh flowers were everywhere. Although it was a small space, they were able to have just enough product displayed so everyone had a chance to try out what their heart's desired. All of the employees wore the cutest pink jumpsuits. I would totally buy and wear them as pajamas, they looked that cozy!

I knew I wanted to purchase Boy Brow ($18) as it is one of their bestsellers. I love the size of the brush because it makes it easier to place color closer to the ends of the brow. After getting my eyebrows microbladed, I don't use anything when defining them except for nights out or when I want a bolder look. To achieve this I use the Boy Brow in Brown and it is perfect.

I was also looking for an alternative lip balm since I always misplace my Herbivore Botanicals Rose Lip Butter. I went with the Balm Dotcom ($12) in Birthday. It is hydrating, untinted and has a subtle amount of shimmer. I like that it doesn't leave a sticky residue and I add it on top of my lip stains when they start to feel a little dry or cracked. I really think I should purchase a couple so that I don't lose them in purses. There were so many other good things I wanted to try and will probably pop back in before the event ends. I just need to make a list next time so that I won't forget anything. Make sure to stop by before they close up shop!

Client Spotlight Kristan

Kristen first came to me almost 3 years ago wanting to get some fun color done. It was her first time getting color and after a consultation we decided to do some purple! She is 90% grey and has a short curly pixie. Since the color is mostly grey, I decided to just use a direct dye in a few different shades. The problem with using just a direct dye is that her hair was way too healthy to hold onto the color and it washed out in about two rinses. The next time she came in we did a cream lightener with a low developer and it did just what we needed! Every time she washed the color it would turn a lighter shade of the color she had until it was eventually white again. I love how there is always a hint of color when she comes back in for her next appointment. After our initial appointment she told me she loved the purple but wanted something bolder. We have played with every single color of the rainbow.


Kristan has trusted my expertise more times than I can count and will come in most times and tell me to do whatever I want. That kind of trust came over time and I've grown to love surprising her with either color placement or experimenting with different tones.

Pravana was the first product we used for her vibrant color but over time we have tried experimenting with other brands including Arctic Fox Hair color, Redken City Beats, and our current favorite Pulp Riot. Pulp Riot has been staying as vibrant as when we apply it even after 5 weeks later. It also helps that it smells like grapes as well as being vegan and cruelty free.

I love having clients who aren't afraid to try something new and love to have fun with their hair.

Sunset eyes

I love wedding season and usually I’m working almost every Saturday on gorgeous brides from April until the beginning of November. Usually the weddings are six to eight hour days with makeup back to back to back. After the holidays wind down I realize that I start missing those weddings. I love the chaos and although there are stressful days it always feels worth it. When the Bride and her wedding party look as beautiful as can be, I feel happy & confident knowing I helped with one of the most amazing days of their lives. Lately I've been missing makeup.


To stay inspired during the less busy wedding season... I find myself getting inspiration from everything and everywhere. My husband snapped this picture down the street from Deeda and I couldn't help but feel mesmerized by the colors in the sky. The violet and sherbert-colored sky looked so creamy. Being a creative and a makeup artist, of course I wanted to make my own version of it.


My take on this Sacramento sunset was using 3 colors from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca eyeshadow palette and a Tarte violet eyeshadow which I adore. To prime my eyelids, I used Urban Decays primer potion. This is my holy grail eye primer. Then using Kat Von D’s color Noble as a transition color, I worked it in my crease until it blended together nicely. Then using a smaller brush, I applied Analog into the outer v working my way up the crease and then blending with a fluffier eyeshadow brush. Next I applied a violet Tarte color in the inner and outer corner, leaving space in the middle to apply my last color. If I’m using something lighter on top of other shadows and I want it to pop, I will apply a concealer or the Caviar stick from Laura Mercier and pat the color in. This time I used my favorite Nyx concealer on the lid and added Lyrie in the middle and also in my tear duct. I added a little more of the violet underneath my eyes and smudged it in. I finished this look with Kat Von D’s tattoo eyeliner in a straight line to add some definition to my eyes. Of course I had to use strip lashes... But unfortunately I did not save the package to share which pair I’m using. Stay tuned for that information next time!


I love playing with color! Violet is one of the most universal and flattering colors. It can be as simple as using a lavender or an intense dark purple. Let me know in the comments below how you use color in your makeup.

Microblading Eyebrows

My eyebrows have always been super thin from overtweezing as a teenager. In some places I was left with bald spots. I have been so lazy when it comes to filling in my brows since Laura Mercier discontinued my favorite eyebrow pencil. I hoarded those pencils way longer then I should have...  After a long search for a microblading technician, I finally found Sarah at LL Beauty. I was looking for a natural look that will compliment my features even on my bare face days. I was so eager and even a little bit nervous with getting my brows microbladed but as soon as I walked into the cute office all my nerves subsided. Sara explained that first we would map out the brows to have it look like something we would both like. We both found a color that looked close enough to my natural hair color. She took a good amount of time drawing out the shape and making sure they matched perfectly on both sides. The next step was the actual Microblading! She used a tool with tiny needles to create cuts on the skin and allows the pigment to soak in. After creating all the strokes with the tool, she applied the color and let it sit for about ten minutes and later wiped it off and continued the previous steps one more time. After wiping off the color the second time, I was able to look at the finished product and I loved them right away!



During my process I made the mistake of wearing a waterproof eyeshadow (whoops!) so the color from my brows stuck to my eyeshadow. It looked like I didn't know how to apply shadow!
A couple hours after the service I cleansed with a sterile water.
Overall the whole process took about three hours from start to finish. Microblading typically lasts anywhere from one to two years. The longevity usually depends on your skin and if you follow all the aftercare steps properly. The next 10 days I was not allowed to get any water, creams, or cleansers on the brows. It does heal like a tattoo and you should not peel or mess with the scabbing.


What I really loved was how customizable this whole service was as well as Sarah's attention to detail. She made sure I was comfortable and explained everything in depth before moving onto the next part. I highly recommend her and can't wait to come in for my touch up to add a little bit more! 


I am so happy to have a space to share my work whether it is hair or makeup. First I would like to say thank you to all my clients for your ongoing support. I am lucky to have such wonderful people to work on a daily basis who inspire me inside and outside the salon. 

My goals are to share experiences, lessons, new products, model searches, and in salon life.