Microblading Eyebrows

My eyebrows have always been super thin from overtweezing as a teenager. In some places I was left with bald spots. I have been so lazy when it comes to filling in my brows since Laura Mercier discontinued my favorite eyebrow pencil. I hoarded those pencils way longer then I should have...  After a long search for a microblading technician, I finally found Sarah at LL Beauty. I was looking for a natural look that will compliment my features even on my bare face days. I was so eager and even a little bit nervous with getting my brows microbladed but as soon as I walked into the cute office all my nerves subsided. Sara explained that first we would map out the brows to have it look like something we would both like. We both found a color that looked close enough to my natural hair color. She took a good amount of time drawing out the shape and making sure they matched perfectly on both sides. The next step was the actual Microblading! She used a tool with tiny needles to create cuts on the skin and allows the pigment to soak in. After creating all the strokes with the tool, she applied the color and let it sit for about ten minutes and later wiped it off and continued the previous steps one more time. After wiping off the color the second time, I was able to look at the finished product and I loved them right away!



During my process I made the mistake of wearing a waterproof eyeshadow (whoops!) so the color from my brows stuck to my eyeshadow. It looked like I didn't know how to apply shadow!
A couple hours after the service I cleansed with a sterile water.
Overall the whole process took about three hours from start to finish. Microblading typically lasts anywhere from one to two years. The longevity usually depends on your skin and if you follow all the aftercare steps properly. The next 10 days I was not allowed to get any water, creams, or cleansers on the brows. It does heal like a tattoo and you should not peel or mess with the scabbing.


What I really loved was how customizable this whole service was as well as Sarah's attention to detail. She made sure I was comfortable and explained everything in depth before moving onto the next part. I highly recommend her and can't wait to come in for my touch up to add a little bit more!