Client Spotlight Kristan

Kristen first came to me almost 3 years ago wanting to get some fun color done. It was her first time getting color and after a consultation we decided to do some purple! She is 90% grey and has a short curly pixie. Since the color is mostly grey, I decided to just use a direct dye in a few different shades. The problem with using just a direct dye is that her hair was way too healthy to hold onto the color and it washed out in about two rinses. The next time she came in we did a cream lightener with a low developer and it did just what we needed! Every time she washed the color it would turn a lighter shade of the color she had until it was eventually white again. I love how there is always a hint of color when she comes back in for her next appointment. After our initial appointment she told me she loved the purple but wanted something bolder. We have played with every single color of the rainbow.


Kristan has trusted my expertise more times than I can count and will come in most times and tell me to do whatever I want. That kind of trust came over time and I've grown to love surprising her with either color placement or experimenting with different tones.

Pravana was the first product we used for her vibrant color but over time we have tried experimenting with other brands including Arctic Fox Hair color, Redken City Beats, and our current favorite Pulp Riot. Pulp Riot has been staying as vibrant as when we apply it even after 5 weeks later. It also helps that it smells like grapes as well as being vegan and cruelty free.

I love having clients who aren't afraid to try something new and love to have fun with their hair.