Glossier at Rhea's Cafe


I've been dying to try Glossier's line in person and play with their products. With Glossier having such a cult-like following and when they opened their pop-up shop so close to Sacramento, I knew I needed to check it out. They took over Rhea's Cafe on 2200 Bryant St in San Francisco, CA. The pop-up shop will be open from March 14th - April 15th from 11am to 8pm daily. Since they are primarily an online shop, it is pretty great that they opened this up for people to test out their products. Fun fact: the cafe they took over is known for having one of the best Korean steak sandwiches in SF.

The cafe was transformed with Glossier's signature Millenial pink and fresh flowers were everywhere. Although it was a small space, they were able to have just enough product displayed so everyone had a chance to try out what their heart's desired. All of the employees wore the cutest pink jumpsuits. I would totally buy and wear them as pajamas, they looked that cozy!

I knew I wanted to purchase Boy Brow ($18) as it is one of their bestsellers. I love the size of the brush because it makes it easier to place color closer to the ends of the brow. After getting my eyebrows microbladed, I don't use anything when defining them except for nights out or when I want a bolder look. To achieve this I use the Boy Brow in Brown and it is perfect.

I was also looking for an alternative lip balm since I always misplace my Herbivore Botanicals Rose Lip Butter. I went with the Balm Dotcom ($12) in Birthday. It is hydrating, untinted and has a subtle amount of shimmer. I like that it doesn't leave a sticky residue and I add it on top of my lip stains when they start to feel a little dry or cracked. I really think I should purchase a couple so that I don't lose them in purses. There were so many other good things I wanted to try and will probably pop back in before the event ends. I just need to make a list next time so that I won't forget anything. Make sure to stop by before they close up shop!